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Our mission is to "positively impact our community by advancing the causes of local and national charities through cycling and related activities, while promoting safety through education and training.".

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Wild West Fundraiser

Image: Photo of three CVCCA riders

Central Valley Cycling Charitable Association (CVCCA) was created to allow local cyclists to combine their love of cycling with their passion for helping others. By recruiting and training new members to ride a 100-mile bicycle ride (also known as a ‘century’), and organizing and promoting fundraising events, CVCCA raises funds for charities selected by the group. Interested in learning more, find your answers elsewhere on this website, on our FAQ Page, or email us at info@cvcca.org.

CVCCA is also known as Parker’s Team. Parker, a leukemia patient and bone marrow transplant recipient, is our inspiration. Click here for more information on Parker.

We are a qualified non-profit organization which has a tax-exempt status under Section 501C(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For more information regarding CVCCA or for a copy of our tax-exempt letter, please contact info@cvcca.org

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